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    6 Tips for Successful Busking and Street Performing

    Spring is on the horizon here on the West Coast (if you don’t mind that it’s currently snowing outside!) and I am gearing up for the busking season. I thought I would share some tips for some successful busking/street performing. Here they are in 6 easy steps; 


    1.  LOCATION – Where you busk makes all the difference of how much tips you will make and how people passing by will react. Make a list of places in your city or town where you know a lot of people will be passing by. If you stand on a quiet street corner chances are you won’t get as much of a response. If you stand in one of the central locations of your city or town you will have a better chance of attracting more people to your music. Also some beaches and sea walk areas can be great places to busk as people are generally in a calm mood walking by the ocean. I have known buskers that busk on a sea walk area and get a good response. Better than on a busy street as many people are in a hurry. Make a list of some great locations where you have seen buskers before and give them all a try.


    2. BUSKING LICENCE –  Many large cities require buskers to have a licence to perform on the street. You could alway pretend you didn’t know but then you risk finding out the hard way. Go to city hall in your area to inquire about where you need a licence. Where I’m from in Vancouver there are some areas where you don’t need a licence to busk but several where you do. I know in other cities like Toronto buskers are required to audition and then get a licence. Where I tend to busk in North Vancouver you are not allowed to use an amplifier. Check with the local city hall.

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